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>> greta: tonight, mr. brown goes to washington! >> i think it is premature to talk about that appreciate your support. senator mccain as you now know was one of the first to actually look me in the eye in this office and say it is a long shot but i'm with you, if you feel you can win it. >> safe to say on behalf of the republican conference we are really happy to have him here. >> i have a lot to learn and i'm thankful that people on both sides of the aisle have made my initial visit here certainly very pleasant. >> you feel that you are being cored by democrats? >> listen, i've always had great respect for senator kerry, always. we have worked together on other issues. i know we are going to work together on issues in the future. >> we have an article in here today because you elected my job is going to be easier. i hope that is the case. >> i appreciate the across the aisle gesture and i'm hopeful we can work to solve the problems of our great country. >> good to see you. >> i voted for health care bill in massachusetts and it was a great bipartisan effort. so it is cle
by toyota. which types of cars are affected? >> the march for life is coming to washington. >> our storm watch coverage continues. we will hear when things will be clearing up today. here is another check on the latest school closings and delays. you're watching "good morning washington." ( "sleigh ride" playing ) pretty. ( laughs ) there we go. ( phone rings, laughter ) ♪ ( phone rings ) victory starts now. with the special k challenge™, you can lose up to 6 pounds... in 2 weeks. now with so many delicious ways to be victorious. lose up to 6 pounds in 2 weeks. join us at >>> right now, a light drizzle and a bit of a cool breeze. temperatures are nearreezing. we do have precipitation out to the west and southwest. let's look at the snow machine and you can see the light rain entering fauquier county. moving southward down to culpeper and into spotsylvania. it is pushing to the north and east. in the blue ridge, we see the areas of sleet, and we could see up to two inches of accumulation. up to an inch in parts of montgomery and loudoun counties, mainly on the grass. sun
district of columbia. right now 36 in washington. in the low to mid-30s in montgomery, prince george's, arlington and fairfax counties but where that snow and sleet is falling and the rain as well freezing up in parts of the northern shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia. southern maryland around the bay in the upper 30s. there's a winter weather advisory, loudoun, howard, shenandoah valley and that warning zone all those counties in pink could get some significant icing there as the day progresses. had light icing overnight along with sleet and snow. showing a developing area of low pressure around cape hatteras as that low deepens it will dra in colder air, change the rain into light notice. light snow in washington, suburbs, all around the region by late morning and off and on through the afternoon but just a trace for total accumulation arnd the metro area. but further west and north two to four inches of snow and sleet as we get into the late afternoon hours. all this will ends. quarter inch of ice in the shenandoah valley. all this ending by late afternoon cle
. further out to the west, that is a winter storm warning. that will not impact the washington area. current temperatures, i'll show you these but i want to mention a couple of spots where we do no temperatures are at or below freezing right now. winchester # 2 degrees. chantilly, 31 degrees, ashburn, 31. -- winchester, 32 degrees. warrenton, 31. these are some of the spots now where we could see some icing when the precipitation gets there. you want to be a little concerned about that. >>> hears a look at the forecast for today. morning time, light rain, sleet and snow possible. little or no accumulation. some ice in some spots. 38 for your high today. so it will be a cold day. more details in just a few minutes. >>> also, shenandoah county schools in virginia are closed this morning. that is our first closing. s with a get more, we'll pass them along. >> good morning. we keeping an eye on the wet pavement. with those temperatures flirting below the freezing mark in some areas, we are concerned with a light glaze if you will that could cause some slick spots on the roads. anything that look
on the repairs this morning. fox 5 morning news at 6:00 continues right now. >>> take a look at the washington monument this morning. a litt shaky, a little breezy out there. temperatures above freezing here in the nation's capital at 37 degrees. that is not the case everywhere. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we do have some school closings an delays. >> closed today are shenandoah and warren county schools in virginia as well as garrett and the allegheny county schools in maryland. fauquier and frederick county virginia schools are also closed. the following schools are on the a two-hour delay, west virginia, grant being hampshire, mineral, morgan, hardy, jefferson berkeley county schools are on a two hour delay. >> that two-hour time frame i guess will be kind of critical today as well as the temperatures. >> the temperatures are key. where we are seeing the temperatures at or below freezing, that is where we are seeing some icing. maybe a little snow out there as well but most of what we're seeing off to the west is sleet mixed in
>> scott brown comes to washington. >> backroom deals and lack of transparency and lack of not solving problems is getting old. >> bret: the healthcare proposal appear to be dead. >> i don't see the votes for it at this time. >> bret: in the wake they're scrambling to salvage something. >> that there has to be basic things we can agree on. >> bret: brown's election massachusetts completely changes the political landscape in washington. we have fox team coverage with jim angle, carl cameron, james rosen and molly line. plus, shannon bream with another major game changer for the 2010 mid-term election elections issued today by the u.s. supreme court. "special report" starts right now. ♪ >> bret: the speaker of the house today officially threw dirt on the healthcare plan that was unofficially killed in tuesday's election of massachusetts republican scott brown to the senate. chief washington correspondent jim angle starts off tonight's broadcast with an obituary. >> reporter: this was only one hope to keep the democratic health proposal alive, have the house pass the sena
desde la camara alta del congreso. desde washington, fermando pizarro, univision. una vez mas tal fue virtualmente invadida8ññs y comunidades... y si este formulario- que le va a llegar pronto a su hogar- no le alcanza para todos los miembros de su familia, usted puede pedir otro en un centro de asistencia... carecen sera uno de esos centros de asistencia en el barrio hispano de adams morgan "lo que vamos a tener es una mesa en la recepcion con un voluntario a cada momento del censo , un voluntario bilingue para ayudar a las personas que vengan a nuestra oficina ...centros de asistencia como nosotros es centros que van a estar disponibles durante los horarios de la noche, los fines de semana para las personas que trabajan..." la organizacion ledc ayudara 3 veces a la semana a llenar los formularios de aquellos que tengan dudas, como por ejemplo acerca de la confidencialidad... "la pregunta que ha sido resuelta aca y creo que es muy importante que sepan todos es que las personas que comparten la informacion pueden ir a la carcel
are delayed. two inches of snow and sleet and closer to washington overnight we had about half an inch to just maybe a tenth of an inch of snow and sleet, far northern montgomery county and into parts of loudoun county, frederick county and panhandle of west virginia and around the northern blue ridge. the regional radar, see those areas of moving color, that is where you see the blue and green that's rain. we're getting scattered light rain across virginia. those pink zones mixing with a little bit of sleet. scattered sleet in the shenandoah valley. panhandle of west virginia. sleet and light snow moving into the southern shenandoah valley and southern west virginia. now, this precipitation is going to be lingering here for all the y into the afternoon hours. some heavier rains right now just off the outer banks. an area of low pressure is over eastern kentucky now and another area of low pressure beginning to form around the outer banks. with that outer banks low deepens rapidly it will draw in colder air from the north and change this precipitation over to some periods of snow and sleet by
's chief washington correspondent john harwood. john, good to have you with us tonight. >> hey, ed. does mr. summers feel confident in trying to get this country back on financial track? >> well, look. i think the economic team and the administration understood when they enacted the stimulus plan early next year that it was going to take a while for the employment situation to turn around. the jobs are a lagging indicator. it surprised everybody i think how quickly unemployment has risen to 12%. that's a difficult situation for democrats. it doesn't necessarily they've taken an incorrect course. in fact, i think the economic team is taking the course that the president wants. the bank initiative was not larry summers idea or the secretary treasurer's idea. >> what do you think that that means, john? >> paul volcker heads an advisory board. the economic team did not feel it was necessary last year and increasing the obvious. and we started seeing that and needed to eventually tim geithner and larry summers went with that program and of course the election in massachusetts dra dram mat sized.
brought together his family, the news4 family, washington sports world and others. it was a service at the national cathedral as a fitting good-bye. >> it was nice. it was a nice time. it's been a month since george michael passed away. his memory looms larger than life. a pioneer, a legend and mentor to many, including me, was remembered and honored at the national cathedral today. the crowd was chockful of hall of famers and friends. hundreds poured in to pay their respects and hear stories about george. some that have never been told and some that will never get old. it was everyone's day to remember the man we dubbed "the king." jim vance was perfect. joe gibbs, appropriate. george's daughter michelle, as touching a tribute as you'll ever hear. after, a pair of redskins' hall of famers told us what made him one of a kind. >> he could ask y the tough questions. he never felt like, to me, that he was trying to get me. he would say things to me like, you don't believe that, you know what i mean? i would get halfway mad and go, yes, i do. he had a great way of, i think, doing the to
. more in washington, our temperature, 41 degrees. some mid-30s, above freezing at winchester. later on tonight, we'll see as the skies continue to clear the wet spots could get slick. so watch out for that. nothing on radar. matter of fact, elkins, 45 degrees. there was that morning little mix to our west, all moving off. area of storminess beginning to pull away. we dry out and a pleasant but 50/50 weekend coming up. so the skies continue to clear overnight. a lot of sunshine on tap for your saturday. i'll tell you the details on what will be following that for sunday. some more wet weather. i'll tell you the details about the weekend on into the next week. back to you. >> thanks, bob. >>> now to the lates out of haiti. survivors and rescuers continue defying the odds today. an 84-year-old woman was pulled from the rubble alive after being trapped for ten days now. doctors are still working to save her life because she's in bad condition. there's also word that another man has been rescued in the cathedral area of port-au-prince. rescue teams have saved an estimated 122 people. 16
of washington county. martinburg -- some sleet and freezing rain. upwards of three inches of snow in kaiser. cumberland has frozen precip as well and farther down. a break to the southwest. more rain and freezing rain through wardensville, front royal. pockets of freezing rain and rain. we know also down further south in the shenandoah valley toward harrissonburg we have had freezing rain, as well. as you head east of the blue ridge we are seeing temperatures 33, 34. hopefully we will stay above freezing. on the computer we have an upper level storm across west virginia. that enhances precipitation the next several hours. while there are lulls we are not done yet. looks like it will be mainly wet in the metro. winter weather advisories in affect until 6:00 p.m. getting word of a two hour delay in frederick county, maryland. middletown feeder schools are on a two hour delay. remember updated every two minutes with the delays. we tell you about them as we get them in. to the roads. a water main break has florida avenue closed between west virginia and 11th street. take 8th to k to g
-au-prince to the snows of washington state, a new beginning for three haitian orphans. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. president obama would be the first to admit this hasn't been his best week. his poll numbers are down and his plans to reform health care are up in the air after democrats lost their supermajority in the senate. so today he sought to rekindle the fire with a campaign-style swing through ohio's rust belt using the word "fight" over a dozen times as he pushed for a new jobs program and health care reform. chip reid is our chief white house correspondent. chip, they're calling this the white house to main street tour, and he's really trying to show average americans he's on their side. >> reporter: that's right, katie. ever since that stunning defeat in massachusetts, we've been waiting to see if the president was going to come out fighting. today he answer that question with an emphatic yes. before a fired-up crowd in northern ohio, the president left no doubt he
the massachusetts election people in washington were all in a tizzy. trying to figure out what this means for health reform. republicans and democrats. what does it mean for obama. is he weakened, is he -- how is he going to survive this. but i want you to understand, this is not about me. [ applause ] this is not about me. this is about you. i know there are some folks who think, you know, if obama loses, we win. but you know what? i think that i win when you win. >> wow. chuck todd, let me ask you about that. this president is an incumbent president, runs the government, heads the state. he is now acting like he's running for president. can he turn around and ride that surf board of public anger in the direction he wants to go? or is he simply back pedaling if he gets on there and has to pretend he's a critic of government when in fact he's leading it? will it work, will it be good politics, but more importantly will it work? will it get done by posturing as a critic of the way things are? >> well, look, it's clear what they decided they believe the message out of tuesday was
entre 1 a 10 anos...en washington claudia uceda univision la secretaria de trabajo, hilda solis, presidira la delegacionurinacional donde tod originarios teenemos los mismos derechos. originarios milenarios y originiarios contemporaneos. al acto oficial de asuncion de s explotan" durante un foro sobre inmigracion en washington, grupos hispanos buscan mecanismos para agilizar el debate... se teme que la reforma inmigratoria podria perder apoyo, pero no pierden las esperanzas... "hay posibilidades de una propuesta bipartidista con el senador schummer de nueva york, el senador graham de carolina del sur y si ellos lo hacen, yo creo que tenemos espacio para hacerlo esta primavera" agrega q es importante aprovechar el poder del voto latino...un arma importante para lograr cambios... "hablando politicamente, los democratas tienen que cumplir con la promesa de hacer con la reforma inmigratoria y los republicans inteligentes entienden que ellos no pueden ser competitivos con los latinos si no apoyan una reforma inmigratoria"
until 5:00 this evening. and thousands of people have flocked to washington today. they're reacting to that legacy of roe v. wade. the march for life may well be the biggest event, but it's not the only one. tracee wilkins joins usive from downtown washington with more. >> reporter: good morning, joe. we're here on the mall where folks are making their way down here for the opening ceremonies for the march for life. you can see, they're crowding in here very quickly, but earlier this morning, there was a special program meant just for the pro-life teenagers. ♪ all god's people say amen >> reporter: it looks like a rock concert, except for the priests pushing it up and the party nuns. >> i feel like it's just celebrating life and it's just so exuberant and such a good experience. >> reporter: this pro-life rally and mass for life is meant for young adults and children. there aren't pictures of aborted fetuses or mangled small bodies here. those images are replaced with signs talking of regret after abortion and celebrating the life. it's the kind of delivery that's catching on. >>
that is our headline this thursday night, mr. brown goes to washington. senator elect scott brown had a full schedule on capitol hill today. meeting first with arizona senator john mccain in his office. >> i'm honored that senator mccain as you now know is one of the first people to actually look me in the eye in this office and say it's a long shot but i'm with you if, if you feel you can win it. i wanted to thank him for that support. >> sean: later emit with -- he met with mitch mcconnell, senator john kerry and harry reid found enough time on his busy leave his smokey backroom behind those closed doors that we've grown accustomed to, to greet the senator elect. >> you're going to end the senate at a time when the country is in deep trouble, as you know that was a lot what your campaign was about. i look forward to working with you. >> sean: you can feel the love in that room. it seems without a super majority prince harry has to accept the fact his health care bill is dead. brown's overwhelming victory impacts more than the debate over health care in america. his victory mashes the begin
by. fed chairman ben bernanke. but much of washington is bailing on the country's top banker. a senate vote is coming down to the wire to determine whether he keeps his job. president obama hits the campaign trail. trying to sell a new jobs initiative and limit his mounting political losses. a prominent democrat puts another nail in the coffin of healthcare reform legislation suggesting a time-out. a year after the president promised to shut it down by today, why is the guantanamo prison still open? all that, plus the fax all-stars and the friday lightning round, right here, right now. ♪ ♪ welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. while president obama talked jobs in ohio, one job in particular is apparently very much in question tonight. the one held by federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. the ticking clock may be winding down on bernanke's days at the helm and there is a very fluid situation right now in congress. fox business network correspondent peter barnes has a developing story that, peter, really could affect the markets. >> and our pocketbooks, bret. we have been
washington post" reporter bob woodward to follow the money he was urging him to track the financing of burglars who had broken into the democratic party's national committee offices at the watergate complex. the political money was in total a couple million dollars. what was unleashed today could easily be billions. later, my special comment on the opening of pandora's box by the supreme court. we begin with the latest details, the court today overturning two earlier decisions and throwing out parts of a law that has been on the books for 63 years which said companies and unions can be prohibited from using money from general treasuries to produce and run their own campaign ads. writing for the majority justice kennedy declaring the restrictions censorship, saying that without today's ruling congress could also ban corporations from publishing political books or from posting their opinions on the internet or from releasing films like "hillary the movie" a clinton-bashing self-proclaimed documentary at the heart of the case. last year the federal election commission having blocked it
around and see the supreme court stop change at the door and let federal institutions run washington. and voters were mad before, they are really going to be upset now. >> john heilemann, there was a story you told the other night when we were at "time" doing the "game change" roundtable. brrr accident o barack obama made so much money -- had so much money he raised from a lot of wall street guys, a lot of hedge fund people, a lot of oil company people, that they had this room where they just made up thousands of ads that they knew they were never going to use, but they did it just to test market. i mean, in virginia, northern virginia, a couple of weekends, obama outspent mccain 200-1 in 30-second spots. obama raised more money than anybody else and now he's trying to hold this populist mantel over him. i don't know how easy that will be if americans know the facts. >> i think that democrats need to confront it in general. the democratic party has over the last 20 years and obama is the culmination of the trend, has become the big money party. i mean, if you travel around new york c
and detached. >> glenn: i felt so eremote and detached from washington, i didn't know what they were doing. like where's waldo? where is obama? what happened to him? can we get a picture of him from time to time? there were 158 obama interviews in the last year. 411 speeches, comments and. stays in his first -- statements in his first year. how much touch do you think we need from him? you know what? if we could have just seen him without his shirt on, then maybe oh! oops, we did. maybe just an occasional photo with him and his wife -- okay, we got that, too. wow! that would have been great, huh? we didn't see him enough. the man was every place! the only place he didn't show up in, was my bedroom to personally talk to my wife and make sweet love to her. at least i don't think he did. i'm pretty sure that was john edwards doing that. but i'm not sure yet. because so far john edwards is still denying it. what obama either doesn't understand or maybe he just doesn't care is that what america is needing is president that is maybe not a radical revolutionary trying to fundamentally transform a
and a fear about what is going on in washington. that is adding to investors saying, you know what i will just take my money off the table, particularly when it comes to those financials as you saw bob pisani discussing. >> yeah, and i would agree with you, david. yeah, look at this triple whami this week. china, bernanke and the banks. and remember, david, as you well know, people stopped shorting in the middle of last year, because they got killed trying to short because every time they tried, they got snuffed. now they can smell with this kind of rise in uncertainty earnings you could see that in the vix today, that it may be worthwhile, david, for them to throw in a few more bucks to shorting the market. a very rational thing for traders to think right now. >> david, bob, tyler. we've got steve liesman ready now. he's been at the center of the bernanke story weeks now. the latest details on bernanke's future, you've been working the phones there, as far as senators and what they're going to do regarding bernanke. what do you know, steve? >> reporter: maria, me and a very capable
his death. thousands rallied in washington in the annual "march for life". it was the 37th anniversary of the supreme court decision of roe v. wade that legalized abortion. the anti-abortion crowd rallied at the white house, and then moved on to the supreme court. a handful of abortion rights supporters were also present. downpours eased today as the latest pacific storm moved out of southern california. the risk for mudslides and flooding remained, especially for residents in the foothills of the san gabriel mountains. a state of emergency was declared in five counties after nearly ten inches of rain this week. still, local officials said many evacuation orders in los angeles county will soon be lifted. those are some of the day's main stories. i'll be back at the end of the program with a preview of what you'll find tonight on the newshour's web site. but for now, back to jim. >> lehrer: and still to come on the newshour: shields and brooks; and who's in charge of the internet? that follows a rundown of a remarkable few days in politics. judy woodruff has the story. ( cheers and appl
immediately and firmly apply their brakes. t.j. winick, abc news, washington. >>> aftershocks continue to terrify the people of haiti. just offshore, the u.s. navy hospital ship, "comfort," is adding more medical personnel to its crew and increasing its capacity. more than 1,400 planes are waiting for clearance to land and bring more aid to haiti. the government is also working on relocating some 400,000 people left homeless to settlement camps. >>> and tonight here on abc, you can see the hope for haiti telethon, beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern. organizers say in addition to the all-star entertainment lineup, 130 celebrities will be taking pledges over the phone. >>> the tennessee man accused of killing a soldier outside a recruiting center last year now wants to plead guilty. and for the first time, abdulhakim muhammad is admitting he has ties to al qaeda. this comes from a handwritten note. in it, he tries to justify the attack. muhammad says it was the justification of killing muslims by u.s. troops. >>> house speaker nancy pelosi is throwing in the towel of health care reform. she
with a brief update from our own brief williams in our washington newsroom. pete, what's this all about? >> reporter: officials here and in london say this amounts to the british government catching up to what the u.s. did last week when airline security was further tightened. the uk threat level was raised today to what's called severe, the second highest level there it's a response, officials say, to a stream of intelligence, suggesting that al qaeda terrorists in yemen are determined to carry out more attacks against the west. many possible threats are in that stream. none of them specific, including recruiting women for bomb attacks. this same general concern led the u.s. last week to further tighten air security, with more screening and stepped-up use of air martials. two days ago the british government established a no-fly list for the first time for flies into the uk. the british this week suspended direct flights between london and yemen, brian. >> again, we thought it best to address this story up top tonight. pete williams in washington, thanks for doing that. >>> back to our
five countiecounties, and the ne hours could be critical. >>> and a rerows welcome in washington from republicans, but will he be the democrats' worst enemy? our cameras are there as scott brown makes his d.c. debut. >>> hundreds of survivors, many orphans, are near death this morning. doctors, unable to get their hands on basic medical supplies to save them. another aftershock rattling port-au-prince over night. no reports of injuries, no significant damage, just a lot of rattled nerves, an ambitious task set to begin in a week, and it's a logistical nightmare, the relocation of 400,000 homeless haitians to newly-built settlements on the outskirts of the capital. and stunning images showing the earthquake's sheer force. time-lapsed photos of the government's tax office the moment that it came tumbling down. >> there's also a critical development this morning altogether the main harbor in port-au-prince, inspiring much needed hope. the pier has been repaired. it's far from fully functional, but life-saving food and medical supplies can now be unloaded by sea. chris lawrence is li
for life was held in washington, d.c. thousands rally at the mall then walked past the high court. today marks the 37th anniversary of roe versus wade which of course legalized abortions. >>> president obama is making a trip to baltimore. the president visited here about a year ago on his way to inauguration in washington, d.c. now he is scheduled to make the first appearance in charm city as president next friday. he will address house republican conference members republican conference members at a >> straight ahead on the news at 5:30. dangerous advice for people trying to qualify for weight loss surgery. >> and you can choose from the pock lim hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses. they have been so helpful and supportive during this time. maybe i should give them a call
. it will change not just who is paying for the campaigns, but how they're run. tara mergener is in washington with details. t good morning. >> reporter: this landmark decision effectively reverses a century-long trend to limit the political muscle of big business and unions and also weakens campaign finance reform. in the 5-4 ruling, a deeply divided supreme court said the ban on corporate spending violated first amendment guarantees of free speech. after decades of restrictions, corporations and unions are now free to spend unlimited money on political campaigns. while they still have to disclose who is paying for what, the ruling means special interests will yield extraordinary power. >> it will be a much luder and morrow dust debate with many mother voices, but those voices may not be the candidates on whom the votesers are choosing. >> reporter: if you thought you you knew everything about -- >> reporter: the indicate began with hill rit movie, a negative political documentary about then presidential candidate hillary clinton. >> she's lying. >> reporter: the movie didn't air before the e
massachusetts, afirmÓ que washington necesita ayuda, porque segÚn dijo hemos perdido el norte de lo que es importante. durante una conversaciÓn con periodistas, dijo que piensa examinar cada proyecto de ley y adoptar una decisiÓn racional, el senador electo cuyo triunfo determinÓ la pÉrdida de los demÓcratas llegó al congreso y se reuniÓ, los colegas en la cÁmara alta. >> el presidente barack obama anunciÓ hoy un plan para limitar el tamaÑo y las actividades de los bancos y las empresas financieras. expertos consideran que la medida es un reforzamiento de la guerra de la casa blanca contra wall street. quiere impedir que las instituciones financieras tengan tal fuerza que su bancarrota plantee un peligro para el sistema econÓmico del paÍs. hacemos una Última pausa y en segundos un ex senador, regresa a las noticias por algo que no tire que ver con la polÍtica. al volver les contamos todo. en el internet hay millones de paginas de donde escoger pero ahora solo una te da la informacion mas importante de los hispanos en washington las ultimas noticias lo mas
you down to washington. it look longer to clear out there. they had rain later in the day. they got blue skies. you can see the washington monument on the far right part of the screen. maryland's most powerful radar. here is the bullet we dodged. coastal low formed on the carolinas. it drew the moisture out to sea. what's interesting is the wintry mix toward hagerstown this morning whipped out of here in a hurry. washington getting more of the precipitation than baltimore. our low temperatures last night were helpful. 34 was it. again, a lot of the sleet that come out of the sky overnight melted on contact because the ground was above freezing. that preventing freezing rain as well. high temperatures today. nice rebound. 43 bwi marshall. we were up in the 40s everywhere until you got way off to the west. satellite pictures. things looking good. things clearing out nicely. you can see the moisture drawn out to sea. look how intense this area of low pressure is. it is unusual to see this. you can see a swirl out there. a little eye reminds you of hurricane season. nothing like a hurri
"american sketches." he joins us tonight from washington. good to have you back on the program. >> and good to be back with you. tavis: let me start by asking whether or not to your mind there were any immediate comparisons, or not so immediate comparisons, that you drew between what we in toward with hurricane katrina in new orleans and what we are seeing in haiti as we speak. >> let me start with a good things. there is something about the human heart that has benevolence, compassion. when something is happening to someone else that is bad, people want to help. people are still coming into new orleans to help. that was the same instinct in haiti. the darker side of it, in new orleans whether it was that the state level, the national level, or the local lel, like you did not have great governance. you do not have people working together efficiently in the government. likewise we have that problem in haiti. we talk about leadership i lot. both of those situations prove that good leadership matters. tavis: it does matter, but as good leadership matter only during a crisis? or before you get
the overhang the banks and the new proposals coming out of washington. >> particularly yesterday, obama's address yesterday. you have got the responsibility fee. you've got the proposal to split the capital markets business from the lending part of the business. what are your thoughts on that? >> to me, it seems kind of coincidental that it came right arch scott brown's victory. it seems highly political in my eyes. >> you think it was just a distraction on the administration's part? my think so. >> to get the health care conversation off of the table? >> yeah and i don't think this will be easy to pass this in the legislation and out in congress. it's out on the table. it's certainly not helped the market. six days ago, you and i stood here the dow was 10722, we said this is the top right here. >> you did say that. >> and it's down 400, 500 points. >> good call, good call. what do you think, anthony? >> well, i think the right thing do is to go back to glass-steagall. what they're trying to do now is a derivative into that and tapping into a populist sentiment. they very negative thing
for "washington monthly magazine." the piece that i wrote was "very risky business." and that was 15 years ago. i believe there was $15 million of negotiable value of derivatives. i said what's happening in this country is outrageous. we have taxpayer insured bankers institutions trading on derivatives. putting taxpayers' money at risk. it is flatout gambling. they may as well have a craps table or keno table in their lobby. 15 years ago i wrote that article. and the fact is we've gone through this unbelievable collapse of the economy, $15 trillion of wealth lost to the american people and we still have these institutions trading on proprietary accounts and the president says it ought to stop. the are president also says we ought to separate, as paul volcker suggests, the fdic insured banking institutions from the investment banks over here. they were put back together. i stood on the floor of this senate 10 years ago, five, sis, eight times and gave long speeches predicting that if you do this, if you fuse together commercial banks and investment banks, you're headed for trouble. i said on this
jobs. president obama is not the only washington politician on the road today. members of congress are heading home for the weekend with no consensus on the democratic side and how to even spin the health care reform train wreck. ken strickland is live on capitol hill and, ken, in the midst of a recession, spending a year on health care reform and having nothing to show for it doesn't seem like a winning strategy. so what do the democrats do now? >> reporter: last night key democratic senate leaders, chuck schumer, chris dodd, max baucus, walked into a closed door meeting to talk about health care all insist enter, repeated, the health care bill is not dead, they say. any reporter who has a credential to get into the united states capitol are all scurrying around trying to find any vital signs the health care bill is still living and has life. here's a diagnosis so far. the fastest way to pass health care seems to be off the table. yesterday house speaker nancy pelosi said that she does not have the votes among her membership to basically take the senate bill as is and pass it. if
.m. in washington. china is rejecting a call from the u.s. secretary of state. following a threat from the search engine google. authorities are accusing mrs. clinton on what they are describing as information imperial ix. jo we look to the chinese authorities to conduct a thorough debut that led google to make its announcement countries that rtrict free access risk walling themselves off from the progress of the next century. >> we are seeing this warning from china like saying back off. the response from the chinese the roundless ack useation can harm the u.s. formulation. the u.s. is open here and it wants good formulation. expressing comments and support when it comes to attacks on china. certainlyly it was known but a very set piece. china was one of the few countries singled out for controlling information on the internet. china responding, trying to say back off and leave this round alone and not make this into a bigger thing than it is at the minute. i think she's referring to a particular route there was a particular point that shows referring to in her speech jo trying to limit pornogra
. >> tom: the move hits financial stocks and the rest of the market. coming up, reaction from washington to wall street. you're watching "nightly business report" for thursday, january 21. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program was made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening everyone. president obama proposed today tough new rules on the nation's biggest banks, restricting their size and their activities. tom, he said the plan would limit quote "reckless risks". >> tom: susie, that announcement from the president in washington reverberated on wall street. investors dumped stocks; the dow tumbled 213 points and the nasdaq lost 25, putting both indices into negative territory for the year. >> susie: the core concern is that the obama plan forces banks to choose commercial banking or investment banking. they can't do both. washington bureau chief darren gersh explains. >> reporter: the president said he was naming his new banking rules afte
's capital, this is " washington journal." host: the supreme court ruled 5- 4 to allow corporations to spend as much as the want to support or oppose individual candidates. the ruling is likely to also allow labor unions to send unlimited funds. the justices kept in place, though, a century old ban on corporate donations directly to any one candidate. let us kickoff today's " washington journal" talking about the supreme court decision. the phone lines -- send us a tweet at c-spanwj or e-mail us at "the washington post" on this story. the court also overturned a ban on corporations and unions airing campaign ads in the 30 days before primary and 60 days before a general election. also in "the washington post" this morning they talk about the reaction on capitol hill. inside "the washington post" its quotes senator charles schumer -- bound to push for new restrictions on corporate political spending, including limits for companies with government contracts, shareholder approval of expenditures and a proposal to make cheap executives appear in ads approving the content. als
to the president's address live on their iphone with the c-span radio app. each year the washington center brings thousands of students to washington, d.c. to experience the workings of our government firsthand. this weekend, they will discuss politics, government, and their futures. "q&a" cited night at 8 on c- span. >> this weekend on the communicators, former senator and now head of the national association of broadcasters gordon smith on the sec -- fcc plan to expand the broadcast spectrum and what it might mean for broadcasters. saturday on c-span. now today's state department briefing. topics included relief efforts in haiti and u.s. relations with yemen. also, secretary of state clinton's recent remarks calling for china to reveal the bulls allegations that government sentience ship -- 's allegations about censorship. he spoke for an hour. >> i am try to get toing to getc ross down here. i'm delighted to have an opportunity to do that. he will be accompanied by fema administrator craig fugate. dr. shaw will be getting his second firsthand look at the u.s. operations there. he will meet wit
in washington. speaker nancy pelosi says the current senate bill doesn't have a chance of making it through the house. but the white house still says that's their best plan "b." kelly o'donnell joins us this morning with the latest. was speaker pelosi being definitive with that statement or was she posturing and negotiating? >> reporter: well, chuck, we always focus on that "we don't have the votes now" part of her comment, but she also said "right now" and still believing it could be done. the weather here is kind of lousy this morning and it makes me think the speaker is in sort of a rain delay. she wanted to finish the game, storm came, she didn't expect, don't know when conditions will be right to get back on the field. that's the kind of feeling we're getting from democrats. she's not closing the door, but she did take off the table for now this idea of passing the senate version as it is. now, senate democrats who have been in charge of all this, they met last night, and when they emerged, they also said, we believe some kind of health care reform will be passed. but cryptically, we d
at the moment right now is that washington is out of control. that they don't have a remedy to the serious problems. that they're spending too much to no effect. if they're mad at washington, that means for now they're mad at democrats in congress, and in -- and president obama. that doesn't mean they like republicans, but democrats are the object of their anger. >> let's look at the president. here he is again with george stephanopoulos on the latest on his first year. >> one thing that i regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done, and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us, that i think we lost some of that sense of, you know, speaking directly to the american people about what their core values are. and why we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with those values. and that i do think is a mistake of mine. >> i don't know what that means. dan balz, i don't know what they meant by that. that left me cold. what did he mean? >> well, chris, i'm not quite sure exactly what he meant. one is, i would say it gives too little credit to t
or find a different solution from the president? >> not at all i've one an independent voice in washington since i there in january. i did not support the tax on -- of 90% on people who got bonuses. i do not support a lot of the initiatives going against the banking industry now. this is the lifeblood of new york city, financial services industry. 70,000 people from my district work there everyday. >> neil: what do they tell you when the president talks about bankers and brokers equivalent of satan and all of that? what do you say? these are your constituents, what do you say? >> what i say is that i don't adopt populist rhetoric or put blame on one very important sector of our economy. i came into the city council in 2003 right after 9/11 they -- in 2002 right after 9/11. we climbed out quicker because of a financial services rebound. the engine to do that is the financial services industry. we need regulation, yes. we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater. we can't put arbitrary limits on the sides of banks we have to do things that make sense so these great companies can move forw
of washington today to protest abortion. protesters rallied together. they walked and they disrupted traffic today. people from all over the country came to town just for this rally. they brought their signs in support of the pro-life movement. the march for life still has several streets closed until 5:00 tonight. the march marks the 37th anniversary of roe v. wade. tracee wilkins spent the morning as thousands flocked to the mass for life at the verizon center. ♪ >> reporter: it looks like a rock concert except for the priests and the nuns. >> i feel like it's just celebrating life. it's just so exuberant and such a good experience. >> reporter: this pro-life rally and mass for life is meant for young adults and children. there aren't pictures of aborted fetuses or mangled small bodies here. there are signs warning of regret after abortion and celebrating life. it's the kind of delivery that's catching on. >> i've been involved in the pro-life movement for years and i've seen in the last five years more and more people. >> reporter: tickets for this event were distributed immediately. mo
the economy, but after a rough week in washington, he found himself defending his record during his first year in office. tracie potts on capitol hill with more on this. >> it's been a tough first year for the president. he's facing a suffering economy and the big hit this week on capitol hill with health care with the election of a republican from massachusetts. all that and the president responding today saying this is just round one. the fight is not over. >> we're putting folks to work. >> reporter: it looked like candidate obama again, touring factories, holding babies, grabbing a burger at the local diner. >> 98 years old. >> yeah. >> he's never voted for a republican. >> reporter: rousing big crowds. >> it's just nice being out of washington. >> reporter: he kicked off a list of first-year successes, but admitted one more republican in congress through a wrench in his health care plan. >> i'm not going to walk away just because it's hard. we are going to keep on working to get this done. with democrats, i hope with republicans, anybody who is willing to step up. >> reporter: a determine
, and the other powerful interests that marshal their power every day in washington to drown out the voices of everyday americans. we are going to talk with bipartisan congressional leaders to develop a forceful response to this decision. what that response might entail remains to be seen. we just heard barney frank from the banking committee and the house say maybe some changes could be made in corporate law to try to get back some of the ground that was ceded to the supreme court today. what also remains to be seen is how the president will get new financial reform through congress now that the supreme court has told the financial industry that it's cool if they want to just sort of buy congress. joining us now is elizabeth warren, harvard law professor and chair of the congressional oversight panel for the t.a.r.p. bailout funds. professor warren, thank you so much for coming on the show. appreciate it. >> good to be here. i've read that you met with david axelrod and valerie jarrett yesterday before this announcement today. what exactly is the president proposing and how important do yo
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